The Problems with Writing a Series…

As I am yet unpublished, I have no right to say how hard it might be to write a series for profit.  I’m sure it’s a lot easier to write something knowing that people will pay money to read it. When you make your first project you hope to publish a series in thirteen volumes, then issues start to arise.

I planned to finish the rough draft of my series within two years. I would write each book within a month or two. Then, once I finished each volume, I’d show it to my beta readers, then edit, then go onto the next draft. I figured two years was a little generous, even. I could finish it in eighteen months, I was sure.  At the start, I felt passionate about the whole cast, the characters, everything.

I’m on the eighth book, and now I’m realizing how difficult it really was.

The problem? Well, there’s more than one.

It isn’t that I’m not passionate about the world. I still love the characters, still want to tell their story to the end, to tell this epic tale until everything reaches its overwhelmingly epic end. Passion isn’t the issue. The heart and mind are willing–the soul even–but my hands just don’t move like they should at the keypad. The words aren’t coming out.

Maybe it’s writer’s block, but I was hitting such a good stride with the series, too, that this is distressing.

The other issue is the cast of characters. There are too many of them. I have roughly divided my series into four arcs or so. In the first arc, there are over thirty characters. OVER THIRTY! I can manage that in the first arc, but each arc the cast expands just a little more. Now, I have nearly one hundred unique characters. That…is a little intense, and it’s hard to give each character his or her dues. Sure, some of them aren’t exactly present after awhile to need time devoted to them, but…

The other issue is that other ideas just kind of spring up inside of my head constantly. I have an idea momentarily for a new book, even if it isn’t as powerful as the idea I have in my head right now. The world I am creating is so vivid inside of me that it needs to be released first…but other ideas keep getting in the way, some sillier than others, and some far more marketable.

…so what do I do in the end? Take a break from writing this epic to write something else for a bit? Or continue this saga until the end?


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