Making Money While Waiting ~ Commissions

So I have just received what I believe to be the twelfth rejection letter for my book. As I come to the conclusion that the journey of a thousand miles may take more than a few steps to really start, I start to wonder how I can make money once classes start again while practicing my writing.

The conclusion I came to was commissions. Why not? Make money from writing many smaller stories for fans. Nothing extreme, just a small income with small results, or big income with big results. Either way, I could pump out multiple fanfics and short stories in, like, a week. Easy stuff!

So I look at DeviantART for literature commissions, and learn that there’s this point system thing going on. I assume points is a nice way of talking about cash, but then see cash submissions are elsewhere. So…what? How do I get money from writing here? Points? What am I gonna do with these? What do points do, exactly?

…this is going to require more research…


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